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Do you compose music of any kind, write lyrics, perform vocals or play instruments in studio and help record music? Congratulations! You’re a Music Creator!

Music creators are the group of people who play a role in making the amazing, moving, thoughtful, powerful works that SAMRO vigilantly watches over. A lot of people play a role in bringing great music to the public and SAMRO protects the rights of everyone involved in the creation of musical works. This includes composers, authors, lyricists and music publishers.

As long as your musical works are active – which means they have been commercially recorded or performed in public, or broadcast on television or radio, you might qualify for SAMRO membership.

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How do I apply for membership

There are so many benefits for Music Creators to become SAMRO members...

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Whichever way you look at it, SAMRO membership is a sound idea...

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Categories of membership

As the champion of music rights in South Africa, SAMRO has a duty to ensure...

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