The restrictive apartheid era deterred and broke many artists in South Africa. But one saying that will always ring true is that, only the strongest survive – and Shashika Mooruth is testament to that. Her career started at the age of 7 in 1971 and with no infrastructure, and access to professional training for Indian musicians, she imbibed singing skills by listening to various international artists on the radio.

By the age of 14, she had already performed to some of the largest audiences in South Africa, helping her raise funds for old age homes, orphanages, charitable trusts, missionaries, spiritual organisations and various fundraising initiatives. 

Her meeting at the age of 12 with legendary singer Kishore Kumar from India, who was touring South Africa in concert was a turning point in her life. He loved her voice and hinted that she was underappreciated in the country and would thrive in India as an artist. Shashika continued to perform in South Africa but enjoyed minimal growth and eventually left for India in 1987.

While she enrolled for vocal and sitar training under the tutelage of Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik, she also had an opportunity to perform in Mumbai. It was at one such concert in Mumbai that the A&R manager of Venus Records & Tapes heard her sing and signed her for a three year contract with the record label.

Shashika describes her style as “conscious” music. Conscious music is music that elevates the spirit, music that gives positive energy or invokes a positive shift in consciousness. It’s about spreading love, peace and unity. It does not matter the genre, it simply creates an ambience that immediately touches the soul. Her instrument is her voice and her performances ranges from classical to pop, world to new age, folk to Bollywood. In fact, she allows her voice to roam as a free spirit singing from her soul. In any genre she sings, it is her voice that uplifts and stirs emotions. 

Widely travelled, she has had the honour of performing for a select audience at the United Nations in May 2006 - receiving overwhelming applause. The late world-renowned Pakistani singer and Grammy winner Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan heard her sing in Mumbai and was all praise for her talent and voice which he described as “steeped in soul and emotion.” 

The desire to write her own music rather than render only covers led her to register her own music production and record label, Urja Music. She has single-handedly produced, written music for some albums, rendered her vocals and marketed 24 albums under her label that is popular worldwide and available internationally on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music among others. Apart from her own productions she has performed and recorded with eminent international Indian artistes from India. 

Blessed with the natural ability that involves communicating, teaching, healing and entertaining that suits her personality and interests, Shashika also conducts workshops, music therapy sessions, voice classes and delivers motivational talks all through her unique, and holistic approach. 

Her single, ‘Manzil Tu Hi’, released in 2014 touched no. 29 on the iTunes South African Top 100 World Music chart and also won the Akademia Award in USA for Best Hindi Pop Song. Her recent album “Krishna” claimed no. 14 spot in the US Billboard Chart in September 2016 for The Flute Player in World Music category. The album also received a silver certificate for outstanding achievement in World Music at Global Music Awards in USA. Her devotional music videos are broadcast in 170 countries via Aastha TV International, a broadcasting company out of India. 

Truly, Shashika Mooruth’s creativity has no boundaries, she has just completed directing a video for her own single ‘Tamanna’ - a pop song in Hindi and English which will be released internationally soon. 

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