Since 1961, SAMRO has been South Africa’s music rights champion. We protect the rights of composers and authors (music creators) both locally and internationally. Collecting licence fees from music users – television broadcasters, radio stations, in-store radio stations, pubs, clubs, retailers, restaurants and all other businesses that broadcast, use or play music.

SAMRO also plays a vital role in funding and supporting music and arts education through the SAMRO Foundation. It also boosts the local music industry by hosting regular seminars and workshops, and supporting conferences such as MOSHITO, to help foster and develop creativity across all categories and genres of music.

SAMRO is committed to being a world-class African copyright administration business that upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics and management in its quest to make a valuable and lasting contribution to the lives of its members, to South African cultural heritage, and to the music industry in general.


SAMRO was established in 1961 under the stewardship of Dr Gideon Roos Senior, to protect the intellectual property of composers and authors and to ensure that their creative output is adequately accredited and compensated both locally and internationally.

Today, SAMRO has grown into an internationally recognised collecting administration business representing more than 12 000 music creators. It has built up a solid reputation as the primary representative of music Performing Rights in Southern Africa, and is well respected among its global peers in the music industry.


  • To create value for the creators and users of music;
  • To protect the intellectual property rights of writers, composers and music publishers by licensing music users;
  • To ensure that members whose works are broadcast and played commercially are paid their royalties from licence fees collected by SAMRO; and
  • To actively promote the value of copyright.


Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the original songwriter or composer. These rights ensure the author receives his or her due in the form of royalties earned from the reproduction, distribution and adaptation of his or her work.

South Africa is a member of the International Copyright Union. All member countries are committed to ensuring reciprocal copyright protection for each other’s musical works.

South Africa is also a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, which is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and was first accepted in Switzerland in 1886.

Each signatory to the Berne Convention is required to recognise the copyright of the works of authors from other signatory countries, in addition to the copyright of its own nationals. The convention also stipulates that member states must provide for strong minimum standards for copyright law.

In South Africa, copyright is regulated in terms of the Copyright Act (No. 98 of 1978)


SAMRO administers the copyright and royalties of its members – being primarily music composers, authors and publishers.

Members who are composers and songwriters assign the rights of their musical works to SAMRO to administer. SAMRO, in turn, uses the assignments to license individuals and businesses that use music for business or commercial purposes. This includes shopping centres, nightclubs, television and radio broadcasters, and so on.

SAMRO collects these licence fees from music users, which are paid out to members in the form of royalties during annual distribution cycles (after administration costs are deducted).

By following simple procedures and paying the appropriate fees, individuals and businesses can use musical works administered by SAMRO. This will ensure that creators are rewarded for the public use of their intellectual property.


Through its relationships with international collecting societies, SAMRO provides a valuable service to over three million music creators worldwide.

SAMRO is a member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), enabling it to represent the interests of its composers, authors and publishers on a global scale.

  • Several of SAMRO’s senior managers and officials serve on various committees of CISAC – thereby representing the interests of South African composers, authors and publishers within this important international body.
  • SAMRO is involved in various CISAC initiatives in the SADC region and elsewhere in Africa, which also involve the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).
  • SAMRO has been a member of CISAC’s African Committee since 1994, and held the chairmanship of the African Committee from 2000 to 2005.
  • In addition to SAMRO’s activities in Africa through CISAC, its Board of Directors is always looking for ways to become proactively involved in assisting fellow African societies in the development of collective administration in their countries. SAMRO aims to ensure that members receive the correct royalties for the use of their music on the African continent.


SAMRO is also accredited with BIEM, the primary international organisation representing mechanical rights societies. These reciprocal agreements and affiliations enable SAMRO to collect music royalties from 225 societies in 150 countries around the world, on behalf of its members. Furthermore, SAMRO administers – in its own territory – not only the music rights of its members, but also a massive repertoire database of music from all over the world.

As a significant player in the global music arena, SAMRO supports international industry trade fairs and music showcases such as MOSHITO in Johannesburg, MIDEM in France and the World Music Expo (WOMEX).



SAMRO maintains powerful relationships with music industry players, legal bodies and other institutions that strengthen our position as the champion of music rights. Here are a few names of those who work in tune with us to offer a better service for both Music Creators and Music Users.


We’re not just business people with important titles. We’re music lovers just like you. Each of the 12 people who sit on the Board of Directors is as passionate about the future of the music industry as you are.

We are fully invested in the success of all our artists. Especially when it comes to our home-brewed South African talents who are making musical waves locally and all around the world.

  • Mr. N. Maweni
    Independent Chairperson

    Nicholas Darius Maweni is the Executive Chairman of BRICS Fashion. He is also the Marketing Director for SAP Africa and has extensive experience in both Private & Public Sector having worked as Chief of Staff for Ministry of Arts & Culture and Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Development.

    He was the Managing Director for Black Management Forum and was previously the Chief Marketing Executive at IBM Africa, responsible for Marketing, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Affairs and Market Insights.

    He serves on various boards which include Valued Citizens Initiative, Edu Leaders Foundation and Amnesty International(TAG) South Africa.

    With an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Masters of Law, Mr Maweni has received various awards, including one from the Institute of Marketing Management, as well as Citizen of the Year award from the City of Port Elizabeth. In 2010, the Black Management Forum (BMF) awarded him Manager of the Year.

  • Mr. S. Mayekiso
    Independent Vice Chairperson

    Mr Sisa Mayekiso has extensive work experience in the Private sector with specialization in the fields of Banking, Insurance and Asset Management.

    He holds the position of Managing Director of Volantis Capital (Pty) Ltd, a boutique investment management firm and brings knowledge, skills and expertise in the areas of Accounting, Treasury, Investment and Risk Management.
    A qualified Chartered Accountant of South Africa [CA (SA)] and a CFA Charter Holder at the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Mr Mayekiso also occupies the seat of Executive Director at Volantis Capital (Pty).

  • Ms. D. Modiba
    Interim CEO

    Ditebogo has worked in the financial services industry for almost a decade, gaining experience in strategy formulation and implementation; revenue and expense optimisation; risk management; effective financial management and implementation of sound internal controls.

    As a driven finance executive, she is passionate about driving business financial performance and results by providing forward-looking insights and optimising business performance by implementing value creating and cost saving business practices.

    Ditebogo is a registered Chartered Accountant and holds a BCom Honours degree in accounting from the University of Johannesburg.

    She has previously worked as a finance professional at Deloitte & Touche, Nedbank, Discovery and was the Chief Financial & Risk Officer at MMI Multiply before joining SAMRO earlier this month.

    While heading up finance and risk functions is her “day job”, Ditebogo also enjoys dedicating her time and skills to various NGO’s that equip people and communities with values that help shape their life skills to enable them to become engaged and contributing members of our society.

  • Mr. S. Twala
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Sello "Chicco" Twala (born 1 January 1963) is a South African musician and producer who has collaborated with many well known artists in the music industry, including Nkosana Kodi and Brenda Fassie. He has created some of South Africa's hit songs. In the 1970s he played in soul bands including Umoja, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse's Harare, and ormed his own band, Image.

    Early life
    Twala was born in Soweto, Johannesburg. He is a famous South African musician and music producer. Twala attended Bopasanatla High School.

    Twala's first triple platinum release in 1987 was a record that included the song "We Miss You Manelo", a reference to Nelson Mandela who was still a prisoner on Robben Island at the time. The song Too Late for Mama, produced by Twala and sung by Brenda Fassie, also achieved platinum status. He was well known in the 1980s for his African pop and disco music. His soul ballad "Peace Song", was recorded by a South African cast in 1992, just before the nation's first democratic election. Some of his songs feature in Disney's Lion king II. He collaborated with poet Mzwakhe Mbuli on the 1990 hit song "Papa Stop The War". Twala also wrote songs for and produced the album Memeza, for a comeback by the late Brenda Fassie. Some of Twala's songs feature in Walt Disney's Lion King II. Grassroots musical talent is developed through his studios in Soweto. He has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the South African Music Awards and a Metro FM Music Award. Twala's “Modjadji” was also one of the official soundtracks of the British comedy The Brother’s Grimsby, a movie released in 2016.

    Recent Production (Movies & Music)
    Chicco produced Rebecca Malope, Brenda Fassie, Ringo Madlingozi, Sipho Mabuse, Marc & Alex, Pure Gold Hugh Masekela, Mzwakhe Mbuli,, Chimora, Dj Walker, Various Artists in the “Peace in Our Land” project and Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

    Various Artists - Peace Song (2014)
    Kelly Khumalo - Back To My Roots (2014)
    Various Artists - No To Xenophobia (2015)
    Sangoma in NewYork (2016)
    Tlhala Ntša (2016)
    Babili (Duo) - BB (2016)
    Winnie Was There Tribute 2018 featuring Mzwakhe Mbuli (2018)
    Deborah Fraser - (Gospel album to be released in early 2019)
    Various Artists - ANC Elections Album (2019)
    Mawele’s debut album releasing in 2019. (Female Vocalist Group)

    Amongst the Musicians who sung songs penned by Chicco Twala are Alicia Keyes (Too late for Mama), Hugh Masekela - (Send me), British band “Mattafix” (Living in Darfu) and Lion king (I want to see the moon.

  • Dr. S. Sithole
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Dr. Sipho Sithole is the founder and owner of Native Rhythms Productions and Native Rhythms Records. Dr. Sithole is a renowned award-winning music producer and composer who has been instrumental in discovering and carving the careers of some of the most successful and influential singer-songwriters this country has produced. As a cultural practitioner and commentator, Dr. Sithole has become a regular voice at local and international music conferences, as a commentator on the South African music scene and its influence on the world stage.

    Dr. Sithole has served on the Boards of the Airports Company of South Africa, Momentum (subsidiary of Firstrand Limited), Joburg City Theatres, Nu Metro Africa, Moral Regeneration Movement, Recording Industries of South Africa and is the former Deputy MD of Gallo Music Group.  He is currently the Chairperson of Moshito Music Conference and Exhibitions, a board member of the SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund, as well Group Chief Strategy Officer at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa.

    Dr. Sithole holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Witwatersrand, a Master of Science degree in Personnel Management and Labour Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and International Relations from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Ms. N. Sanderson
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Natalie Sanderson is the CFO of The David Gresham Entertainment Group which she joined in 1993 as a junior accountant. Natalie’s role as CFO includes but is not limited to processing & administrating copyright distributions, liaising with local Collection Societies with respect to song notifications & collections whilst also ensuring that the composers and artists have their issues addressed and effectively resolved.

    Natalie has 25 years’ experience in the local Music Industry and sits on the Board of Directors for The Music Publishers Association of South Africa (MPASA), RISA Audio Visual (RAV) and The South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO). With her knowledge and experience, Natalie brings key insight to these positions and is passionate about formulating solutions to keep the organizations relevant in the ever-changing landscape that our creative talent journey through in the African continent.

    Natalie’s passion for music and her involvement in the creative process makes her a strong advocate for the rights of composers, authors and songwriters to ensure that their rights are upheld and respected as she continues to focus around the effective administration of collective rights management and digital rights licensing.

    Natalie lives in Johannesburg with her two children, her cat and a retro piano.

  • Mr. R. Hill
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Ryan Hill is a South African Music Publisher with eighteen years of experience and a Master’s degree in music. He currently occupies most of his day as Managing Director of Universal Music Publishing Africa and is deeply involved in industry development. He has chaired and is a co-founding director of the Music Publishers’ Association of South Africa (MPA SA), vice-chaired and co-founded the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of South Africa (CAPASSO). He has ground-up experience in the music publishing industry – from composing, copyright administration, licensing (including major digital licensing deals) and A&R through to regional industry leadership and copyright law reform processes. He is passionate about empowering industry stakeholders to build more robust structures in the market and encouraging skills development and transfer across the region. 

    As Managing Director at Universal Music Publishing, Ryan has signed prominent talents such as Black Coffee, AKA, Burna Boy, DJ Clock, Gemini Major & Tresor. 

    Ryan lectures the Music Business Management course part-time at the internationally and locally accredited Academy of Sound Engineering. He also presents at public workshops and corporate strategy sessions, is a panelist and MC at music industry events, has been a judge at international industry awards and has volunteered for community projects such as the refurbishment of the Alhambra Theatre in Johannesburg.

    In his spare time Ryan is pianist, salsa dancing instructor, supporter of the Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival, and member of the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg. He has volunteered at events such as the One Young World global summit and is a keen citizen scientist with a focus on ecology.

  • Mrs. L. Ngcobo
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Linah Ngcobo affectionately known as Mam' Ngcobo is a born again South African musician, composer and music activist whose career spans over 30 years in the music industry. She rose to fame as a pop super star using her former stage name, Ebony & Linah Khama.

    Over the years, she has worked with a handful of South African giant artists as a backing singer and later evolved into a solo artist. During her music career, Mam' Ngcobo has released multi-platinum selling albums. Over the years, she further explored the art of music business as she took up the position of artist manager and eminently built a success out of her husband's music brand, Ihhashi Elimhlophe as well as her children's music group, Amaponi.

    As a businesswoman, she further launched her recording label IHN Records which she co-owns it with her husband and childrean. It is at this record label that she oversees the day-to-day operational matters and is also part of the executive management. With her vast industry knowledge, Mam' Ngcobo has in the past served in different boards including AIRCO and SAMIC.

    Currently, she is an ordained pastor and principal leader of her own ministry, Gods Pearl Ministries.

  • Mr. D. Alexander
    Non-Executive Board Member

    David Alexander is the Founder and Managing Director of Sheer Music Publishing (Pty) Ltd, the largest African owned music publishing company on the African Continent.

    David is a Director of the Music Publishers Association of South Africa and the Vice-Chair of CAPASSO (The Composers and Publishers Association of South Africa).

    Sheer Publishing is very active on the African Continent and David has travelled to many sub-Saharan countries in search of new clients. David has given papers and served on panels at music industry conferences such as Midem (France) Canadian Music Week (Canada), African IP Forum (Tanzania), Salaam Music Expo (Senegal), Womex, Kenya Music Week and ONGEA (Kenya), NIMEX- the Nigerian International Music Expo (Nigeria), Porto Musicale (The Brazilian Music Exhibition) and the Wami Conference (Western Australian Music Industry) as well as at Moshito, Music Exchange, Music Imbizo in South Africa.

    At the Annual General Assembly (GA) of the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) held during Midem 2016 David was appointed to the Popular Music Bureaux which is a sub-Board of the ICMP. David is also on the Board of the IMPF (Independent Music Publishers Forum) which is a global organisation representing Independent Music Publishers. .

    David is a member of Entrepreneurs Organisation and serves on the Board of the Johannesburg Chapter as the Mentorship Chair and on the global sub-committee for EO for Strategic Alliances.

  • Ms. W. Oldfield
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Wendy Oldfield has been a composer, performer and member of SAMRO since 1987. In 1984 she qualified as a teacher (Higher Diploma of Education) and on completing her studies chose a career in music.

    THE SWEAT BAND shot her to fame in the mid 1980’s with there massive hit THIS BOY. A succession of radio hits followed and in 1988 she chose a solo path.

    Wendy has released five (5) Solo Albums with No 1 chart toppers on major and regional radio stations throughout South Africa. ACID RAIN, DON’T STOP BELIEVING, MIRACLE, LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD, PALE BLUE DOT, LEGALIZE and NEW DRESS being the most popular of them.

    WENDYO MUSIC, her publishing catalogue, has been maintained since the early 1990’s.

    With four hundred (400) titles notified in her catalogue, she has actively managed and licenced her IP to movies (Leon Schuster – Short and Sweet) adverts (Old Mutual) and documentaries (Londolozi Shingilana – Discovery – Living with Tigers).

    Nine (9) SAMA/FNB/OCTAVE nominations (Five 5 of which she won for Best Vocalist/Best Producer/Best Pop Album/Best Children’s Album x2) have been awarded to Wendy since 1991.

    Nominated for MNet Best Film Music – Never Say Die. Wendy is a session singer for many television and radio jingles and sings with choirs for backing vocal productions in English, Afrikaans and Vernacular.

    ACID RAIN was used for a (180 part) wild life series - Nature on Track - and aired in 18 countries.

    The Old Mutual Choral Encounters was orchestrated and musically directed by Wendy in the early 2000’s. Live performance is something Wendy excels in, performing an average of 80-100 shows per year since 1984.

    She has shared the stage and collaborated with artists such as Brenda Fassie, Johnny Clegg, Louis Mhlanga, Vusi Maglasela, Robin Auld, Stimela, Paul Hanmer, Lionel Bastos, Vicky Samson and Hugh Masekela to name but a few.

    Mentoring young song writers and vocalists is part of her service to the industry.



SAMRO upholds a high standard of integrity and transparency. We make our financial statements available to the public so that Music Users and Music Creators alike can have a clear picture of how we collect and distribute royalties. In this way, we are reassuring our partners that the royalties we collect are distributed to the correct members.


We are a fully-accredited business with legal authority to enforce the rights of our members. We are not only in the business of administering Performing Rights on behalf of our members, we also assist government with legal input aimed at improving copyright law in South Africa.