Completed forms must be emailed to SAMRO. Links to the appropriate forms are provided below:

Refund Application Form

The refund policy for membership application processing fees

Third-Party EFT

Electronic funds transfer from for payment into third party account

Vericast Upload Work Instructions

Vericast-Upload system instructions to upload a catalogue of new releases or more songs.

WTRD - Declaration Form New

Declaration form for Withholding Tax on Royalties (WTR)

Client Update Form

A form for members  to update their personal details.

Banking Details Update - Local Latest

A form for members  to update their banking details..

Banking Details Update - Foreign Bank Form

A form for members  to update their banking details.

Composer Split Confirmation

A declaration form for members to state percentage splits for their works

Notification of Works Form

A form for members to notify their new works

Deed of Assignment Form

An agreement of copyright between (composer/author/publisher) and SAMRO.

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