Since its inception in 1962, SAMRO has built a solid legacy of
supporting musicians and the Arts in South Africa through various
Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programmes.

Corporate Social Investments

SAMRO plays a pivotal role in Africa as a driver of the creative economy through its CSI programmes.

Promoting the sustainability of artistic communities and music.

Providing investment support for music education.

Providing investment support for developing and promoting SAMRO members.

Our corporate citizenship philosophy is based on the Freedom Charter

Our corporate citizenship philosophy is also closely related to our commitment to stakeholder development. These values have been the foundation of our corporate culture since 1962.

SAMRO guarantees that a percentage of its annual revenue is allocated to its social and cultural responsibilities.

This is according to the provisions in the standard reciprocal agreement approved by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). The CSI initiatives provide investment support for music education and developing, and promoting SAMRO members.


CSI Strategy

In 2020 SAMRO Members requested that the SAMRO’s Corporate Social Investment efforts prioritise the needs of music creators and assist in the improvement of best-practice throughout the music industry.
The focal pillars of the SAMRO’s CSI are:

Improving Music Business Skills

  • Industry Cohesion and Improved cooperation in the music sector.
  • Improving professional skills and professional practice in the music sector.

Investing in Innovative Technology

  • Economic growth in South African Music industry.
  • Researching innovative ways to utilise technology to facilitate improved activity in the South African Music industry.

Thought Leadership

  • Research
  • Preservation and Promotion of South African Music Legacy


SAMRO is dedicated to the growth and success of the Southern African music industry. As the largest Collective Management Organisation in Africa, and a proud member of CISAC, SAMRO is committed to running CSI initiatives that enhance the careers of members.

SAMRO guarantees that a percentage of its annual revenue is allocated to its social and cultural responsibilities. The social and cultural allocation is put towards various CSI programmes:


The SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF)

Since 2021, the MCSF offered SAMRO Members with Full or Associate membership the opportunity to apply for a supporting micro-grant to contribute towards the creation of new and original music works.

Music Business Course

Launched mid 2021 the SAMRO CSI offered SAMRO members bursaries to help them better navigate the music industry.


In 2021 the SAMRO CSI commenced on two important areas of research
Live Music

Concerts SA

Concerts SA is a joint South African/Norwegian live music development project housed within SAMRO’s CSI.

SAMRO Music Archive

The SAMRO Music Archive holds over 100,000 music scores and serves as a resource for researchers and musicians. Based in SAMRO’s Johannesburg offices, the Archive is one of the largest resources of Southern African music in the world.

Funding Criteria

It is recommended that those interested in applying for support must be SAMRO members, and must be subscribed to SAMRO channels, including social media and email, to timeously receive calls for proposals. The SAMRO CSI solicits applications by sending out these calls, each of which provides a limited time for potential recipients to apply and meet the deadline.

Independent queries are also accepted, but need time to be assessed by the CSI committee, and need to fit into the CSI strategic pillars.

Please note: SAMRO’s CSI rarely, if ever supports proposals for the following:

  • Projects unrelated to the CSI strategic pillars;\\
  • Travel and accommodation costs for competitions, conferences, conventions, talent shows, festivals, funerals, auditions, award shows or concerts;
  • Projects that benefit lone individuals or individual groups;
  • Events with profit as their primary objective;
  • Projects lacking clear planning, no track record or no guarantee of support from other sources.

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