In 2021 the SAMRO CSI commenced on two important areas of research

CSI Research

In 2021 the SAMRO CSI commenced on two important areas of research:

  • Women’s rights and representation in the South African Music Sector

An investigation towards providing solutions to the barriers of entry experienced by Women in the South African Music Sector.

A survey conducted by SAMRO confirmed that only 18% of the organisation’s members comprise women. To better understand this gender imbalance, SAMRO conducted research titled “Women’s rights and representation in the South African music sector” to find solutions and create relationships with appropriate gender-based organisations to improve Women’s representation in the sector.

Towards music curricula that promote professionalism and best practice in the South African music industry

Preliminary research has established that most Universities in South Africa do not prepare music students effectively for professional readiness within the music industry. The music industry also lacks formal structures of apprenticeship or internships which results in a high number of qualified music students exiting the industry. In recent research at SAMRO we have also discovered that the majority of active musicians are self-taught, and many have only rudimentary understanding of the broader industry.

Selected responses from the recipient members are below:

SAMRO CSI Programmes

In 2021 SAMRO CSI rolled out two pilot projects with SAMRO’s members in mind – The Music Creation Support Fund and bursaries for the Music Business Short Learning Course at Boston City Campus.
SAMRO CSI’s programmes are outlined below:



In 2021 the SAMRO CSI commenced on two important areas of research
Live Music

Concerts SA

Concerts SA is a joint South African/Norwegian live music development project housed within SAMRO’s CSI.

SAMRO Music Archive

The SAMRO Music Archive holds over 100,000 music scores and serves as a resource for researchers and musicians. Based in SAMRO’s Johannesburg offices, the Archive is one of the largest resources of Southern African music in the world.

Music Business Course

Launched mid 2021 the SAMRO CSI offered SAMRO members bursaries to help them better navigate the music industry.

The SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF)

Since 2021, the MCSF offered SAMRO Members with Full or Associate membership the opportunity to apply for a supporting micro-grant to contribute towards the creation of new and original music works.

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