Music Business Course

Launched mid 2021 the SAMRO CSI offered SAMRO members bursaries to help them better navigate the music industry.


SAMRO plays a critical role in the Southern African music sector and has realised that there needs to be more understanding of the business of music amongst music professionals.  SAMRO has committed to improving music business skills in South Africa through partnerships and activations.

It's also crucial to understand the legal aspects of the music industry, such as copyright law and intellectual property rights.  These skills can help protect musicians works and ensure that contributions are fairly compensated.

Financial management is also a critical music business skill that musicians need to be able to budget, manage expenses, and understand revenue streams to ensure they profit from their music.  This involves understanding how to negotiate contracts, manage royalties, and create a sustainable income stream.  Overall, music business skills are essential for anyone looking to make a career in the industry.

SAMRO’s commitment to improving music business skills

To address these challenges, SAMRO partners with various bodies that seek to advance music business skills in the industry.


SAMRO recognises the significance of cultivating music business skills for musicians. It extends beyond the creation of exceptional music and encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the industry and how to navigate it effectively. Musicians who possess business skills are better equipped to negotiate contracts, manage their finances, and establish sustainable careers. They are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their music and brand, which can ultimately result in greater success and longevity in the industry.


Musicians with business acumen are more likely to be self-sufficient and have sustainable careers, which holds immense value in an unpredictable and ever evolving industry. Investing in music business skills for SAMRO members by providing resources and education in this area assists musicians in thriving in an increasingly competitive industry.

For enquiries, please contact csi@samro.org.za

Selected responses from the recipient members are below:

SAMRO CSI Programmes

In 2021 SAMRO CSI rolled out two pilot projects with SAMRO’s members in mind – The Music Creation Support Fund and bursaries for the Music Business Short Learning Course at Boston City Campus.
SAMRO CSI’s programmes are outlined below:



In 2021 the SAMRO CSI commenced on two important areas of research
Live Music

Concerts SA

Concerts SA is a joint South African/Norwegian live music development project housed within SAMRO’s CSI.

SAMRO Music Archive

The SAMRO Music Archive holds over 100,000 music scores and serves as a resource for researchers and musicians. Based in SAMRO’s Johannesburg offices, the Archive is one of the largest resources of Southern African music in the world.

Music Business Course

Launched mid 2021 the SAMRO CSI offered SAMRO members bursaries to help them better navigate the music industry.

The SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF)

Since 2021, the MCSF offered SAMRO Members with Full or Associate membership the opportunity to apply for a supporting micro-grant to contribute towards the creation of new and original music works.

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