October 17, 2023

SAMRO and Soul Candi Institute Partner to Launch an Innovative Music Business Training Programme for 50 SAMRO Members

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is launching a Music Business Training Programme on 17 October 2023 and calling all SAMRO Full and Associate members to apply. The programme, in partnership with Soul Candi Institute, is part of SAMRO's Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative designed to equip members with the ability to traverse the commercial world of music.

SAMRO members selected to be part of the bursary programme will be able to confidently engage with various industry stakeholders, grounded on a thorough understanding of "Music as a Business." Additionally, the programme will equip them with the skills to identify and create sustainable strategies to ensure their growth within the industry while also remaining relevant.  


The Soul Candi Institute will deliver a comprehensive online curriculum tailored exclusively for SAMRO members and aims to empower them with vital business skills for success in the music industry. This innovative program will offer a flexible learning environment, enabling members to progress at their own pace. The curriculum combines practical expertise with academic insights, providing aunique and powerful toolset to tackle the challenges within the music industry.


SAMRO and the Soul Candi Institute are pleased to announce their ongoing partnership and offer the course as a stand alone option. The course was previously available through the Boston City Campus and since inception in 2021, one hundred (100) SAMRO members have benefited from the training programme. Furthermore, SAMRO encourages greater participation of female members toaddress gender disparities in the music industry.


To maintain a high level of engagement between learner and instructor, the programme is designed to accommodate fifty (50) qualifying members. The course will begin on 15 January 2024 for eight (8) weeks, with all modules to becompleted by 11 March 2024.


The Music Business Training Programme is a significant opportunity for both Full and Associate SAMRO members as a stepping stone to better their career abilities. As composers and authors, SAMRO members are frequently engaged in travels and collaborations with musicians from various corners of the globe, and to facilitate and enhance this creative exchange, the course will be entirely web-based, offering the flexibility for participants to join from any location worldwide.


The Music Business Training Programme requires a minimum qualification of NQF level4-6 or STD 8.


SAMRO members are advised to consult their emails and text messages for communications containing the application details. All application forms must be filled out and returned to SAMRO by Thursday, 09 November 2023.

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