February 27, 2024

SAMRO announces the appointment of two industry veterans to serve on its Board of Directors

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) announces the appointment of two new Non-Executive Directors to its Board. Dr Lesley Thulani Luthuli and Louise Bulley joined the SAMRO Board following the organisation's Annual General Meeting which was held on 08 December 2023. With extensive experience in the music industry, both bring valuable expertise to the SAMRO Board.

“We congratulate and welcome Dr Luthuli and Ms Bulley to the SAMRO Board, their vast and diverse knowledge and experience of various aspects of the music sector will be of tremendous value to the organisation,” says SAMRO Board Chairperson Nicholas Maweni.

Dr Luthuli is a distinguished Film Composer Professional and co-founder of the Pan African Composer and Songwriter Alliance (PACSA) and Skumba Music. He holds a PhD in Economic and Management Sciences and an MBA in Corporate Finance and Business Strategy. Dr Luthuli's leadership as Chairman and shareholder of Nisa Global Entertainment highlights his commitment to copyright law, business affairs, and skills development.

Furthermore, he has composed scores for numerous movies, television programs, logos, and drama series, showcasing his versatility and creativity in the industry. Additionally, his current roles on the Boards of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and The Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) underscore his dedication to governance and development in both the creative and environmental sectors.

Ms. Louise Bulley, with nearly two decades of experience in the South African music industry, joins the SAMRO Board, bringing a wealth of expertise and leadership. As the owner of VVP Publishing in Cape Town, Ms Bulley's dedication is evident through her directorship on the Board of the Music Publishers Association of South Africa (MPASA) and her pivotal role as head of the Royalties Department at Mama Dance Music Solutions.

She also plays an integral role in the Mama Dance Music Solutions team, advocating for and supporting numerous local composers in their royalty collection efforts. Her commitment extends to sharing industry knowledge with aspiring composers and upcoming publishers.

The appointment of Ms. Bulley to the SAMRO Board marks another significant step in SAMRO's ongoing gender transformation efforts. With a commendable 66% female representation throughout the organisation and an entirely female executive team, SAMRO is dedicated to advancing women's empowerment. Board Chairperson Maweni emphasises SAMRO'scommitment to promoting gender equality through recruitment, succession planning,and fostering the professional growth of women in the music industry.

Board Chairperson Maweni extends his wishes to the new Board Members and their future endeavours within the SAMRO Board. He emphasises the significance of upholding good governance and expresses confidence in their ability to make valuable contributions to the leadership and oversight responsibilities of the SAMRO Board.

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