August 14, 2023

SAMRO congratulates Msaki for scooping the SAMRO Songwriter of the Year at the Basadi in Music Awards

Msaki was honoured with the esteemed SAMRO Songwriter of the Year award at the Basadi in Music Awards (BIMA), which took place on 12 August 2023, at the Joburg Theatre. SAMRO sponsored this category for the second consecutive year since the inception of BIMA in 2022, showcasing their unwavering commitment to creating an environment that fosters creativity and encourages female songwriters to push the limits of musical expression.

The Basadi in Music Awards celebrates and promotes women's roles in the music industry, highlighting their unique abilities and contributions. BIMA is committed to recognising and celebrating women's achievements, which is crucial in breaking down barriers and creating a more equitable and inclusive industry.  


SAMRO congratulates Msaki as she emerged victorious amongst the immensely talented SAMRO Songwriter of the Year nominees at the Basadi in Music Awards.


“I love the strides SAMRO is making to be intentional with supporting female songwriters and composers. I am in it for the long haul with SAMRO and want to see more of this happen. Getting the recognition signifies that there are so many people that I represent that have this talent in South Africa and I would love to see more people see songwriting as a viable career” said Msaki.


Hloni Modise Matau, CEO of Basadi in Music Awards, believes that cultivating a strong relationship with organisations like SAMRO is paramount for the growth and success of female representation in the music industry. By SAMRO sponsoring BIMA, we can ensure that female artists receive proper recognition, support, and fair compensation for their creative contributions. Together, we strive to empower women in music, fostering an inclusive and diverse landscape where their voices can shine and inspire the world.


These extraordinary women exemplify the courage, talent, and resilience that define the spirit of women in music. We are immensely proud to promote their exceptional ability to tell stories through songwriting. At SAMRO, we firmly believe in fostering an inclusive music community that values the contributions of all gifted individuals, regardless of gender. By doing so, we can create an environment that inspires limitless creativity and nurtures the growth of talented songwriters.


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