November 8, 2023

SAMRO Encourages Members to Apply for Music Business Training

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is issuing a final call to its Full and Associate members, urging them to submit their applications for the SAMRO Music Business Course Bursary before the application window closes on 9 November 2023.

This initiative, conducted inpartnership with the Soul Candi Institute, is a crucial component of SAMRO's Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program. It aims to equip members with thenecessary skills to navigate the commercial aspects of the music industry. Eligible SAMRO members will be selected for participation in the bursaryprogram, where they will receive comprehensive training and guidance to engagewith various industry stakeholders confidently. 


This training is grounded in athorough understanding of "Music as a Business" and is designed to empower members with the skills to identify and implement sustainable strategies for industry growth and relevance.


Soul Candi Institute will deliver an exclusive online curriculum explicitly tailored for SAMRO members. This program offers a flexible learning environment, allowing members toprogress at their own pace. The curriculum blends practical expertise withacademic insights, providing a powerful toolset to address challenges within the music industry.


Applicants for the course musthave a minimum qualification of NQF level 4-6 or Standard 8. SAMRO members are advised to review their emails and text messages for communications containingapplication details. All completed application forms must be submitted to SAMRO by the deadline on Thursday, 9 November 2023.


For those not qualifying for the bursary, the Soul Candi Music Institute will extend an exclusive opportunity for all SAMRO members to apply directly and receive a 50% discount on course fees. The application will be opened after the adjudication process is finalised, and winners of the bursary are announced after 26 November 2023. 


This approach ensures that every member has a chance to advance their business education and career through thiscourse. "We are committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunitiesfor aspiring music creators and professionals. We believe that the 50% discount option will enable more individuals to access quality business education tailored for our industry," says SAMRO.


Full and Associate Members are strongly encouraged to seize this opportunity and apply for the SAMRO Music Business Course Bursary before the application window closes on Thursday, 9 November 2023.

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