July 25, 2023

SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund Empowers 100 Members and Celebrates Three Years of Support

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is pleased to announce that hundred (100) Members have been selected for the 2023 Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF) and will each receive a R25,000 micro-grants, totalling R2,5 million. This marks the third year SAMRO has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the creative endeavours of its members who wish to create groundbreaking musical compositions that have yet to be presented to the public or performed.

SAMRO has received a significant increase of 34% in applications this year compared to 2022. Such a marked increase in submissions clearly indicates the growing demand for financial assistance in pursuing new music creation.  A dedicated committee of independent adjudicators meticulously assessed the applications to ensure a fair evaluation process. After thorough deliberation, the committee confidently selected 100 SAMRO members who now have an extraordinary opportunity to turn their musical dreams into reality.


In 2022, 17% of the MCSF recipients were female members; however, this percentage has significantly increased in 2023 due to the organisation's concerted efforts to address gender disparity in the music industry. This year, 36% of SAMRO female members will benefit from the fund.


MSCF underlines SAMRO's commitment to enabling members to create new and original musical works by awarding R2.5 million in grants to 100 meritorious members. The MCSF grant has resulted in a cumulative allocation of R7 million, providing vital support to 300 exceptional SAMRO members since 2021. The Music Creation Support Fund aims to contribute towards the creation and composition of new and original musical works.


"The music creation fund is critical in empowering SAMRO members by providing them with the financial support they need to create and share their music with the rest of the world.  Investing in our members and their creative projects contributes to the music industry's overall growth and enrichment," says SAMRO.


As we conclude the third instalment of this ground-breaking endeavour, we remain dedicated to promoting a dynamic music landscape and the extraordinary talent of our members. The MCSF has laid the groundwork for a future filled with musical innovation, passion, and unbounded creativity.


To see the full list of the 100 MCSF recipients for 2023, click here: https://www.samro.org.za/csi/the-samro-music-creation-support-fund

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