July 5, 2024

SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund Empowers 120 Members and Celebrates Four Years of Support

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) announces that 120 members have been selected for the 2024 Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF). Each recipient will receive a micro-grant of R25,000, totalling R3 million. This year's increase from 100 to 120 recipients signifies SAMRO's continued commitment to supporting the creative endeavours of its members, including SAMRO legends who continue to contribute their talents to the South African Music tapestry.

SAMRO received 1,126 applications for the MCSF 2024, representing a remarkable 56.82% increase compared to the previous year. The application surge highlights the growing recognition of the fund's value among SAMRO members.

Measures are being taken to enhance representation as part of SAMRO's continuous efforts to improve diversity and gender equality in the music industry. The current MCSF recipients include 38.33% female members. SAMRO is dedicated to diminishing gender disparity in the music industry and providing more opportunities for female music creators to thrive and excel.

The MCSF has become a cornerstone of SAMRO's mission to foster innovation and originality in music creation. Since the fund's inception in 2021, SAMRO has awarded grants totalling R10 million to 420 members. The Music Creation Support Fund continues to play a significant role in facilitating members' ability to materialise their musical works and contribute to the diverse landscape of the music industry.

"The Music Creation Support Fund plays a critical role in equipping our members with the essential resources to actualise their creative visions and to disseminate their music to a worldwide audience. Through allocating resources to bolster our members and their multifaceted projects, we are nurturing a vibrant and all-encompassing music community that enriches us all," stated Lesego Maforah, SAMRO’s CSI Manager.

As SAMRO announces the 120 recipients of the fourth edition of the Music Creation Support Fund (MCSF), the organisation continues its unwavering commitment to championing artistic excellence and nurturing a climate of creativity and advancement in the music industry. The MCSF clearly demonstrates SAMRO's steadfast endorsement of its members and their creative pursuits, providing vital support for music creators and songwriters to thrive and innovate within the industry.

To view the full list of the 120 MCSF recipients for 2024, please click here.

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