August 21, 2023

SAMRO Walks the Talk on Gender Equality by Celebrating an All-Women Executive Committee

The Southern Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is striking the perfect chord with its relentless dedication to acknowledging and uplifting female talent, as evidenced by the fact that its Executive Committee is composed entirely of women.

“SAMRO's success is greatly attributed to our talented professionals' exceptional skills and dedication. We understand that attracting and retaining skilled individuals is crucial to maintaining our robustness and stability. As part of our commitment to women empowerment, talent attraction,and succession planning, we have made a concerted effort to identify talented women, provide them with the necessary resources to nurture their growth and empower them through elevation to leadership positions. This approach not only benefits our organisation but also contributes to the advancement of women in the workforce” says Nicholas Maweni, Chairperson of the SAMRO Board.

The organisation's unwavering dedication to promoting women empowerment through purposeful recruitment, succession planning, and recognition of accomplished women, combined with their dedication to fostering their growth, has resulted in an impressive female representation of 66%.  This commitment is further reflected in the composition of women in mid to senior management positions, accounting for a substantial 60% of SAMRO’s workforce.

Leading the discourse on female empowerment is of paramount importance to SAMRO, given the findings of the preliminary study commissioned by SAMRO in 2022, titled “Women’s Rights and Representation in the Music Industry”, which revealed the underrepresentation of women within the music sector. The research found that women are largely excluded from key decision-making positions within the industry and face numerous challenges that result in their marginalisation compared to their male counterparts.

“It is, therefore, extremely important that SAMRO sets an example by recognising and promoting female talent. I am extremely proud that our Executive Committee comprises women who bring much talent, experience and value to the organisation,” concludes Maweni.

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