April 15, 2024

SAMRO's Music Business Lab Training programme is now open to all Full and Associate Members of SAMRO across South Africa

On 11 April 2024, the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) announced the launch of an exclusive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative, the Music Business Lab Training Programme in collaboration with Music Business Lab (MBL). The unique programme was initially limited to music publishers and self-published Full and Associate Members of SAMRO residing in Gauteng, Western Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. However, due to the overwhelming demand, SAMRO and MBL have extended the programme nationwide, recognising the significant interest and need within the music industry. This programme will equip members with essential business skills to foster sustainable growth and success within the sector.

This strategic collaboration aims to empower 30 music publishers through an in-depth training regimen focused primarily on the nuances of the music business, particularly music publishing. The Music Business Lab Publishing Training Programme is poised to cultivate raw talent and spearhead the formation of resilient music enterprises that span the vast expanse of the country.

The SAMRO and Music Business Lab Program provides tailored support to grow the South African industry, empowering South Africa’s music business SMMEs through certified training, incubation and accelerator programmes and professional development. The organisation is spearheaded by industry veterans Ninel Musson (Vth Season) and Beth Arendse (SA Creative Industries Incubator).

Participants will gain insights into significant revenue enhancement, product innovation, and personal entrepreneurial evolution. Participants will acquire invaluable skills and knowledge, positioning them not just to survive, but to thrive within the complex music industry value chain. The programme also offers a range of additional benefits, including exposure to

key industry opportunities and access to markets, all of which can fuel personal and professional growth.

“Our goal at Music Business Lab is to develop and professionalise the music business eco-system through curated training with subject matter experts, highly developed incubation programmes, capacity building and market access. We will take participants of the MBL Training programme through an unparalleled learning journey into the business” said Ninel Musson – founder of Music Business Lab.

The programme begins with a rigorous 6-week phase of callouts, screenings, and selections, paving the way for an intensive online educational journey which the University of Pretoria supports in terms of accreditation."We are excited that each participant will have the unique opportunity to glean insights from seasoned industry veterans and obtain certification upon completion", stated Dr Dawie Bornman from the University of Pretoria's Department of Business Management, a partner of Music Business Lab.

In addition, with the 2024 Music Business Lab Training Programme launch, SAMRO reaffirms its steadfast commitment to amplifying and sustaining the South African music industry. This initiative is a powerful testament to the organisation's unwavering resolve to foster the growth of music entrepreneurs and SMEs nationwide. The rollout of the 2024 Music Business Lab Training Programme indicates SAMRO's dedication to the industry's prosperity.

"The Music Business Lab Training is a visionary programme encapsulating SAMRO’s aspirations for a flourishing, sustainable South African music industry. This initiative is a cornerstone in our mission to equip publishers with the essential tools for success, driving innovation and expansion within the industry," said Lesego Maforah, SAMRO’s CSI Manager.

Applications opened on 11 April 2024. To apply, you need to be a Full or Associate Member who is a music entrepreneur in the recording industry with 1-3 years of experience running a recorded music business/record label, an independent publisher working with at least one artist, or a self-published artist with previously released music on digital platforms.

The Music Business Lab Publishing Training will commence in May 2024. To enhance gender representation in the industry, SAMRO encourages female candidates to apply for the programme. The application deadline has been extended to 30 April 2024. Late applications will not be accepted.

For further information, please email csi@samro.org.za.

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