November 27, 2023

SAMRO announced the 2023 Music Business Training Programme bursary recipients

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is pleased to announce the successful bursary recipients of the 2023 Music Business Training Programme, an initiative developed in collaboration with the Soul Candi Institute.

 SAMRO introduced this transformative Music Business Training programme in collaboration with the Soul Candi Institute and the Boston City Campus in2021 to equip qualifying SAMRO members with the essential business skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the South African music industry.


Building upon the achievements of previous years, SAMRO is delighted  to extend its partnership with the Soul Candi Institute for the 2023 Music Business Training programme, marking a significant expansion for the training programme.


The entry requirements were broadened to enhance inclusivity andmaximise participation for the pool of eligible members.  Unlike previousyears, the amended criteria now permitted applications from members previouslyexcluded due to a lack of a matric certificate.


This strategic intervention has resulted in an increase ofthe number of applications by 10.6%, signalling a clear indication of theprogram's growing appeal and accessibility. This inclusive approach aligns withSAMRO's commitment to providing opportunities for a diverse range of members,empowering them to enhance their skills and contribute to the thriving music industry.


Fifty (50) qualifying members have been selected to receive bursaries in 2023, in addition to the one hundred (100) members who completed the course over the past two years – taking the total bursary recipients to one hundred and fifty (150) since the inception of the Music Business training programme.


Participants will undergo training in six (6)modules encompassing the following expansive knowledge domains: History of themusic industry, The Music Business: The Players, the Game, Copyright law andits implications in the business, Application of copyright law – Music rights and licensing, Event Management and Digital revolution. These modules will equip participants with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of the music business.


For a list of the fifty (50) MusicBusiness Training programme recipients for 2023, click here:

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